Welcome to Sexual Revolution Sex Course

Hi, my name is Charlie Beaular and I will be your sex coach throughout this sex course. I am very excited that you have made this conscious decision to transform your sex life, and to take your sexual skills to the next level. I am completely certain that this course will help you have much better and meaningful sexual relationships. Please read the instructions below to learn how to navigate through this course.

Enjoy the course. To your success.


How to navigate this sex course

Below this text you will find the 3 Modules included in this sex course. The Navigation is very simple. Below the Module title you will find a link to each of the videos in the module.

My recommendation is that you maintain the numerical order starting with Module 1, then go to Module 2, and finally watch the Bonus Videos. I have stated this order to ensure a maximum return for each video. It’s very importnat to know the sexual anatony before you learn the sexual stimulation techniques. Know where you touch before you touch.

Each individual video has a link to the next video in the stated order, and a link back to this home page where you can go to any video if you wish so.

We recommend to use your PC to follow this course, as some of the videos requiere close up looks that are better seen on a PC. The course is also mobile friendly, and ideally used on a horizontal view.

If for any reason you have any problem you can contact us directly at support@sexualrevolution.online and we will help you solve it. We are here to serve you.

MODULE 1 – sexual anatomy
MODULE 2 – sexual techniques
MODULE 3 – bonus videos