Welcome to Sexual (R)evolution Sex Course

Hi, my name is Charlie Beaular and I will be your sex coach throughout this sex course. I am very excited that you have made this conscious decision to transform your sex life, and to take your sexual skills to the next level. I am completely certain that this course will help you have more meaningful and intense sexual relationships. Please read the instructions below to learn how to navigate through this course.

Enjoy the course. To your success.


How to navigate this sex course

Please find below the list of the three modules and six bonus videos included in this comprehensive sex course. The navigation is straightforward: under each module title, you will find links to the respective videos.

For the best experience, I recommend following the numerical order, starting with Module 1, then proceeding to Module 2, and concluding with Module 3. Afterward, you can watch the Bonus Videos at the end. This order ensures that you gain the maximum benefit from each video. It is essential to understand sexual anatomy before learning about sexual stimulation techniques. Knowing where to touch before engaging in touch is crucial.

Each individual video contains a link to the next video in the specified order and a link back to this homepage, allowing you to navigate to any video you desire.

We suggest using a PC to follow this course, as some videos require close-up views that are better appreciated on a PC or tablet rather than on a mobile device. However, the course is mobile-friendly, and if you prefer to use a mobile device, we recommend using the horizontal view for optimal viewing.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at support@sexualrevolution.online. We are here to assist you and ensure your learning experience is smooth.

MODULE 1 – Mind & Emotions
MODULE 2 – sexual anatomy
MODULE 3 – sexual techniques


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